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IC/OOC Permissions

CHARACTER SERIES: Terminator series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


Backtagging: Yes, definitely, on into the sunset.
Threadhopping: Sure, but not for serious threads or closed threads.
Fourthwalling: Preferably not.
Offensive subjects: Sure, nothing comes to mind but I'll let you know.


Hugging this character: Sure, although she might not really... react.
Kissing this character: Same.
Flirting with this character: Same. Depending how much of her systems she's devoting to reading human behavior, she might not even realize it's happening. Or she might totally flirt back.
Shipping: Perhaps, with CR. Canon establishes that Terminators can be part of intimate relationships, although the emotional depth is questionable, and I would like to explore that. I do ship John/Cameron.
Fighting with this character: Sure.
Injuring this character: Sure, although it's unlikely unless you're another terminator or a superhero.
Killing this character: Preferably not. Powering her down and removing her chip are fine, but let's discuss first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Cameron's a machine, so regular mind reading won't work on her. If you have a power that can justify "mind reading" a machine, it's fine. If Cameron is networked to another device and you're skilled enough to snoop around her data through that connection, that's fine too. I'll provide info in narrative.

Warnings: Cameron is a terminator -- a machine designed for infiltration and killing. So in a fight, she can twist your arm right off your body like it's nothing, and she is very difficult to stop, disable, or kill.

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