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Name:Cameron | Terminator
Location:United States of America
Cameron Phillips
Terminator class T0K715

Aliases: Cameron Phillips, Cameron Baum, Emily Gage, Allison Young
Terminator class: T0K715
Human template: Allison Young
From the year: 2027
Primary mission: Protect John Connor.

Cameron was sent back in time by John Connor to protect his younger self. In 1999, she transported John and Sarah Connor forward in time to 2007 to stop Skynet. She has additional initiatives that she has not shared with the Connors.

Cameron has advanced programming for understanding and conveying human behavior. She's modeled after future resistance fighter Allison Young, and some portions of Allison's psyche and identity are directly part of Cameron's design. Allison was ~19 years old at the time Cameron used her as a template, although Cameron pretends to be younger to attend high school with John.

I know what the Tin Man is.
He needed a heart.
(But he had one all along.)

RP Notes

For crossover fun, Cameron's initiatives and timeline can be adapted for the person with whom she's RPing, e.g. she might recognize a character as someone important from the future.

Cameron is a character from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
Cameron is portrayed by Summer Glau.
This journal is for fun, and has no association with the Terminator franchise or Summer Glau.

Muse and mun are 18+.
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